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Fans elect four to Class of 2022 HOF

Mets Rewind has created the first and only Mets Hall of Fame of its kind. This exclusive online Hall of Fame will allow team fans (and baseball fans) decide which Mets players and personnel should be recognized for their contribution(s) to team history.

Link: Before the Mets Were Amazin’, They Were Amazing

The New York Mets will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the franchise this year. Earlier this week, longtime New York Times reporter George Vescey wrote a tribute to the National League franchise, sharing never-before heard stories and memories. Below are three short excerpts of Vescey’s story.

April 11, 1962: Beginnings

On the eve of the New York Mets first game in franchise history, general manager George Weiss was asked what his goal was for the fledgling franchise.

Meet the Mets Managers

Since their inception in 1962, the New York Mets have had 23 managers (24 if you include Carlos Beltran and Luis Rojas), including four interim managers and three who have gone on to be elected to the Hall of Fame.


National League baseball in New York was redefined on March 6, 1961 when the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club Inc. formally received a certificate of membership from leave president Warren Giles.

Of the 30 Major League Baseball clubs today, the case could be made that no other team has a more compelling franchise history than the New York Mets. MetsRewind is designed for that purpose: To share team history in a distinct and entertaining format. We hope you — the baseball fan — enjoy the content. We encourage you to share your memories.

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