@MetsRewind has moved to Substack.


There were three significant factors that led to our decision:

  1. Deeper connections (and direct contact) with Mets fans

  2. In-depth storytelling platform

  3. Central platform for all content: written word, podcast, video, social



For years, I exhausted an enormous amount of time and energy on multiple platforms to connect with Mets fans and grow my audience; too much time, in truth. Substack is designed for efficiency. I am able to write, podcast, share video content and social media reactions quickly and efficiently. It helps me — and you — the fan.


Mets history is rich. Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to share short bursts of content, but when it comes to why and event happened, a couple hundred characters and a photo/video does not do justice when it comes to telling stories. Substack does. I am able to craft longform stories and interviews and share them quickly with subscribers.

One Platform, Many formats

Substack has made it simple for MetsRewind to share stories using multiple forms of content. Digital storytelling allows me to tell stories through static images, video, the written word, or social media without having to jump from platform to platform. I can create content in one place, in multiple formats, and share it with you — the subscriber — in a single click. I like that. I hope you will too.

The initial response has been nothing short of, well, Amazin’! I am grateful for your support and encouragement. My hope is, over time, the funding from paid subscribers will give me the financial resources to travel and interview more former Mets players, coaches, and personnel so @MetsRewind can grow and continue Making Baseball History. Every. Day.

Again, THANK YOU for your support! If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please email us at

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