Link: Gooden on Sign-Stealing, then and now

Former Mets ace and Mets Rewind Hall of Famer Dwight Gooden talks about sign-stealing, then and now.

“It’s funny. I had a situation with Steve Finley. When he was hitting, [Craig] Biggio was on second base. Biggio was giving signs to Finley. So what you do is throw one up and in and then you turn around and look at the runner, you send a message. You also had situations where the third-base coach and first-base coach look in [to steal signs] so you knock the hitter down. They know then, [to] cut that out. Cheating has been going on forever, and with technology now, it’s just a different level.
For me personally, I think right now everyone is making too much out of it. Say what you have to say, but let’s get back to playing this beautiful game. The price has been paid, let’s play the game. In a way baseball continues to hurt itself because the attention has been taken away from the game with all this now. Other sports are on the rise and baseball keeps creating their own problems and making them worse. I’m excited about the season starting. That’s the way it should be.’’
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