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Ed Kranepool was born and raised in The Bronx. After graduating from James Monroe High School, where he broke Hall of Famer Hank Greenburg’s all-time home run record, Kranepool was signed by baseball’s new National League franchise — The New York Mets. At 17 years old, he received a $75,000 signing bonus.

On the 50th Anniversary season of the Mets first World Series title, MetsRewind sat down with Kranepool to discuss the highs and lows of those early days, the rise of the ’69 Mets, life after Gil Hodges, another miraculous run in 1973 that brought the Mets to the brink of another title. trading Tom Seaver, those difficult final two seasons and his bid to buy the franchise in 1980.

Watch the short film here:


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