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Podcast: Howie Rose

Howie Rose has been a Mets fan since Day One. He has more than four decades of reporting sports, more than three decades covering the Mets  (the team he grew up watching). Rose is a name all Mets fans know well. He is our voice of summer as the PBP radio voice for the Mets.

Game Rewind: Cardinals at Mets (09.24.1969)

Donn Clendenon hit a pair of home runs and Gary Gentry pitched a complete game shutout, 6-0, against the St. Louis Cardinals to lead the New York Mets to their first-ever National League Eastern division title on this date in 1969.


National League baseball in New York was redefined on March 6, 1961 when the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club Inc. formally received a certificate of membership from leave president Warren Giles.

Of the 30 Major League Baseball clubs today, the case could be made that no other team has a more compelling franchise history than the New York Mets. MetsRewind is designed for that purpose: To share team history in a distinct and entertaining format. We hope you — the baseball fan — enjoy the content. We encourage you to share your memories.

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