Father’s Day Collection

Baseball history is littered with stories of how the game impacted the lives of father’s and their children. I have compiled a list of some of the best stories of Father’s Day 2022.

Ray Ordonez #10
‘Like Nothing I’ve Ever Heard Before’

I’ll tell you what’s amazing: The sound of Rey (Ordonez) feet moving after a ball. I can hear his spikes moving through the dirt. It’s a very distinctive sound, like nothing...

The Worst Trade in Baseball History

Every year since 1977, New York Mets fans have viewed the Major League Baseball trade deadline as the darkest day in team history. The trade deadline – June 15, 1977 – was the day the Mets traded...

CORRECTION World Series Royals Mets Baseball
Tim McGraw on his father, Tug

In a recent appearance on NPR, Tim McGraw discussed his relationship with his father, Tug McGraw, the late New York Mets pitcher.

#EndALZ: My Story

When Tom Seaver, the greatest player in franchise history, announced that he would not be attending the 50th Anniversary celebration of the 1969 World Series team, I was disappointed. When I read...

Podcast: Hello — again

When I started MetsRewind, it was a Twitter feed. Since then, we’ve extended our social media presence, added a website and a podcast. As a result, MetsRewind is adding new friends and...

Who’s Ted Williams?

When Darryl Strawberry was told he could be the black Ted Williams, the Mets rookie replied, “Who’s Ted Williams?” How’s that to make you feel old. This week in 1984 is of historical significance...

Amazin’ Games: 10 Longest Games in Mets History

The New York Mets have played some long — and Amazin’ — extra inning games. The longest game in franchise history was played at Shea Stadium on September 11, 1974.

New York Mets vs St. Louis Cardinals
Game Rewind: April 17, 2010

The New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals have a long, rich — and occasionally, twisted — history. The latter adjective would be a fair description of the game played at Busch Stadium...

Podcast: Seaver statue revealed at Citi Field

The New York Mets revealed the long-awaited Tom Seaver statue prior to the 2022 home opener at Citi Field today. The statue will be located to the right of the Home Run Apple in front of Citi Field.

Mets to reveal Seaver statue on Friday

In a press release issued today, the New York Mets announced more details about Tom Seaver’s statue reveal scheduled this Friday at Citi Field.

N.Y. Mets vs. Baltimore Orioles. 1969 World Series. Game 3.
Queens school to be named after Agee

A new middle school school is currently under construction on Astoria Boulevard in East Elmhurst. The school, which is scheduled to open this fall, will be named the Tommie L. Agee Middle School,...